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Posted by on Dec 14, 2012 in Blog | 0 comments

Swimming for Joy and Therapy in Welton!

The small pool for attendee’s of St. Annes Special School in Welton, had seen better days and something more up to date was required.

That’s when Lesley Davis the Schools Principal began telling us of the plans she had in store.

“It will take about three months!” Neil Soper remembers saying as he took the brief from the East Riding Council’s planning officer.

Nine months down the line, we are proud of the effect all the work has had on the swimmers using the high spec therapy pool. Our stay extending only because once we had finished (on time!), Lesley extended the to-do list with a host of other much needed extra enhancements!

That happens to us a lot.

Happily the new 60 cubic metre pool and changing facilities are much appreciated by all concerned.