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The Head Teachers of schools today have a difficult enough job on their hands improving the levels of education and aspirations of our children.

Added to that, is the responsibility of looking after the large scale property assets that come with the job. Such as, forward planning and budgeting on new build, alterations and maintenance… Negotiating long and short term strategies with their local councils or government bodies to keep things ship shape… Being responsible for ensuring that the built environment is a suitable and safe vehicle to keep and inspire good teacher / pupil relationships.

They all add up to a stressful side of the job that most on the outside never fully appreciate. Our role supporting Head Teachers for over twenty years has given us a greater insight into that than most. It is vital that we listen to their individual needs and be flexible in the approach we take on every project. From the refurbishment of classrooms, staff rooms, offices and washrooms. To putting down new floor coverings, maintaining window fixtures and fittings, to helping organise property maintenance schedules.

We’ve developed a sensitivity and flexibility to their needs, either under a framework agreement with the East Riding of Yorkshire Council or on a job by job basis with Hull City Council where quick and realistic quoting, and through the line execution is expected and appreciated. Happily we can point to many examples of long standing relationships where we are seen as the reliable service partner for anything from a new door handle to a swimming pool extension.

Our customers include: North Cave Primary School, Archbishop Sentamu Academy, Leconfield Primary, Cottingham High School, South Cave Primary School, St Anne’s Special School, Welton, and Marfleet Primary.

Head Teacher Jan Woodford