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Somebody asked us how we “acquire” private home owners as customers and we didn’t know!

Looking back you’d be hard pressed to find much Print, Radio or TV advertising for the Soper Group. So it can’t be that.

We have been at the Dirffield show for a couple of years, but not this year (2012).

We haven’t even employed the traditional Public Relations people to put things in magazines or the papers. The odd story just pops up!

So you could say we have kept ourselves well and truly out of the general publics gaze and in the trenches, getting on with what we do best.

We can only assume that after 35 years in Hull, we have acquired a solid reputation locally for good work, and that must go a long way to helping people refer us. Which we assume is how private home owner customers come to us.

Of course we are now getting a handle on sharing and telling more people about us. Especially Architects, Builders, Developers and Interior Designers, who have the clients trust and are looking for a safe pair of hands to pass that trust on to.

Our new logo and this website has got us on the right path to explain our local roots and what we do. This year you may well see us exploring the world of social media too!

So in five years we may have a different answer to the first question, but we know it will still be based, in large part, to happy customers passing the word on. That will never change.



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Ignatious & Katy Penna