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Because unlike others that promise the earth and talk the talk. We know how to keep things simple.
We think people like to keep things simple too. When you order something, you expect it on time. You expect what you ordered, at the price you agreed to pay.


Being a local Hull business we have to be honest and straight forward. You’re on our doorstep. We don’t like to be confronted by unhappy customers, so we try very hard not to make any.Quality and service are not just words. They are us.

Yes we are new to this side of the joinery manufacture business. But we’ve been doing the top end stuff for over twenty five years.

It effects everything we do. We hope that’s enough said and written.


HulLWashroomToiletCHAPTER ONE. The Specifcation:

Either on site or over the phone we are only to pleased to offer advice and guidance. This will enable you to come up with the most suitable products for your situation.

During your specification process we will continue to offer our technical support.

CHAPTER TWO. The Estimate:

We only need very basic information to enable us to offer a quotation. Contact us and we will talk you through it or ask for site measurement guidance leaflet. The quotation will be returned to you quickly and will also have the benefit of a technical understanding to ensure that any problems are highlighted and dealt with at an early stage.


CHAPTER THREE. The Manufacture:

All items will be manufactured in our controlled factory environment. Although made to order to ensure quality the speed of delivery will not be compromised.



The Delivery: We will arrange to deliver to suit your programme of works not too early and not to late.

The Installation: We will prepare drawings to show how the components go together and can offer ongoing advise throughout the installation period. Don’t forget if that critical component goes missing or is thrown out during clearing up we can manufacture replacements immediately.

Contact your local distributor for more information:

You can download our Prose brochure in pdf format here: Prose Brochure