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Posted by on Dec 12, 2012 in Blog, Featured | 0 comments

Computer Aided Workhorse.

We’ve long held the belief that a Craftsmen or Woman, is only as good as their tools.

That’s why our team in the Joinery Workshop always keep their equipment and tools in tip top shape. Especially when we are working with large timbers of Green Oak, that can dull a chisel in no time.

Our bigger machinery like planers and sanders are the workhorses of modern woodworking. We couldn’t survive without them. To add to that equipment list we’ve just added a computer aided workshorse by way of a CNC Router.

By simply adding in the coordinates of an object’s shape or dimensions into the machines computer software, the toolhead cutters can quickly machine the shape perfectly and at double quick time.

It provides us with the facility to produce the panels for our Toilet Cubicles Systems inhouse. Such as the ones we installed in St. Annes special school recently (see below).

Cubicle doors and panels for St. Annes Special School, Welton.

There’s no doubt that as time and money are always important to our clients, anything that helps us to keep prices competitive is always a good thing.

We’re keen to test it’s capabilities on something really tricky.

Anyone wanting a big jigsaw puzzle?