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There has never been a more challenging time for small to medium sized building and construction firms.

Reduced public spending, increases in material cost and the publics “hold-back” mindset have played their part in the demise of over two and a half thousand firms in 2011.

Those that have the strength to maintain a steady flow of projects, even at reduced margins, will be all the better for it when the upturn comes. And it will.

We know just how this feels. That’s why we really appreciate our builder clients who mainly use our bespoke joinery capabilities and we do our best to support them by..

..Ensuring the product meets all the quality standards required. (The last thing a builder wants is future comeback on a badly made item).

..Keeping all our trade prices extremely keen.

..Being as flexible as possible with payment terms to those we have worked with for many years.

..Meeting deadlines on supply dates.

..Thinking of new products and services to offer.

We know if we do this our clients can be successful enough to weather the storm.

The last three years for us, although challenging, has marked a seachange in the way we work and acquire new business. Our turnover and new clients list has never been higher. We seem to be one of the few local firms that have acquired a reputation of doing good work at a fair price. So when the work is there, we tend to be among those with a good look in at the quoting stage.

We are even addressing our previous hesistancy at blowing our own trumpet with this new website and more engagement with new media platforms.

The ecomomy may be in the doldrums, but we refuse to go there.

Builder Colin Norton