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How many Architects do you know that suffer fools gladly? Exactly!

That’s why as we’ve grown, we’ve come to understand that a good relationship with an Architect comes down to two main things. Listening and asking good questions.

They are after all representing their client’s wishes for an excellent job. They’ve found a solution to the clients aesthetic and practical needs (on paper), done the research, specified the detail and produced an approximate costing. Now they have to help the client find the right supplier, to make it all a reality.

So all we have to do is to drill down into the detail, finalize a price, get the order and deliver on time…

Or it should be. But real life isn’t like that. We know that sometimes their client finds it hard to judge the quality of a finished product or project, against the various prices supplied in the quoting process.

In bespoke joinery, we’ve found greater success when the Architect and client visit our large joinery workshop and showroom. There’s nothing like touching and seeing the actual quality of finished product samples. Or talking directly to the craftsmen and women (Jo is one of Hull’s longest serving women bench joiners), involved in making the traditional windows, doors or staircases we have become known for.


Construction projects are by their nature more complex and one of the strategies we employ is that of “OPEN BOOK ACCOUNTING”, whereby our pricing structure and the margins we make at each stage are laid out for the client to see and agree upon.

We also know that sometimes things do go wrong. Then what? Our response is..“We make it right, that’s what!”. It’s when the proverbial hits the fan, that you know whether you have a good supplier or not and whether they’re able to admit their mistakes, rectify the problem and get on with it. Now thankfully in thirty years of trading we haven’t had to admit to that more than the fingers on our right hand. We know what that situation is like, it’s happened to us with some of our suppliers. So we have a strong view on such things.

That’s why we listen hard and ask good questions.

From carved pineapple heads to curved, box sash Georgian windows, a double height extension or 1,000 cubic metres of tarmac. The Soper Group take the responsibility to deliver what the Architects and their clients require seriously.

Architects. – They like us.